Every Poem A Prompt

I’m a firm believer in reading ravenously. Every poem is an opportunity to step within a new perspective, to enter in conversation with another poet. The wider one reads, the more voices bounce with verve across the landscape of your mind. It’s a healthy thing – to enrich your poetic environment. There’s a neuroscience conceptContinue reading “Every Poem A Prompt”


The Five Inaugural Poems, Part 1

Imagine you’re sitting at home. It’s a crisp Autumn evening, during an election year. Your phone rings and guess what–it’s the President-Elect, and they want to commission a poem from you! What goes through your mind? Panic? Excitement? Perhaps both. Of course, only five people have received that call, all esteemed poets, and all forContinue reading “The Five Inaugural Poems, Part 1”

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