“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library.” 

Jorge Luis Borges 
(1899-1986. Argentine writer)

When I saw someone in my Facebook feed was publishing a chapbook, I got so excited! It is nice to see people I know sharing their work with the world, and to have the chance to add it to my personal collection. Here is a review! You can purchase it here. Comments from the author:

I’ve always found so much fascination in the blemishes, hues and minuscule details. These fragile but abundant things transform and return to us amidst all the world’s circumstances. These poems are me and all my stories— down to the blemishes, hues and minuscule details. I hope this collection encourages you to never underestimate the power of revival and growth. I’m so beyond grateful I can share them with you.

Still reading this wonderful edition of Orogeny. It was a wonderful Christmas gift, in addition to their newest publication. Local poetry just hits different. You can pick it up here from Rock Canyon Poets. Future review link here: ()

American Hybrid is valuable for its variety and the quality of its introduction, which educated me on the context of experimental poetry. Of course, the great value of anthologies are their ability to send you hunting for poets you didn’t know before. I picked up this book at a Saver’s, because the poetry is always cheap there. In fact, all poetry books rapidly depreciate in value, and sometimes you can get them for free from libraries. This makes building a personal library of high quality verse totally affordable!

Future review link here: ()

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