Greg Brooks

poet, student, juggler

Hey y’all! This is a page to showcase my poetry, and to write about my favorite poets. It’s currently still under construction. But eventually it will be populated with essays on poetry, resources for better writing, and general musings. I hope to share the value in poetry for finding healing and meaning despite mental illness. I also hope my enthusiasm for creativity will inspire you to write a verse or two!

Recent Stuff: A poem nearly 10 years in the making, published in the Wine into Water issue of Irreantum. Also: 3 poems in Dialogue: A Journal Of Mormon Fall 2021 issue – and you can hear me read 2 of them on a special Dialogue in Review podcast episode here! – or watch it on youtube! My readings / commentary come at [35:10] & about [40:45] but treat yourself to the readings /art from the other panelists, they did amazing work!

Publications: Touchstones, Warp & Weave, Utah Life Magazine, Silver Birch Press, Psaltery & Lyre. A chapbook published through Salt Lake Community College – free download here! A poem called “Murmuration” included on the RadioACTive radio show in Salt Lake.

A little poem in the Ice Lolly Review “Hope During the Pandemic” issue.

Latest blog posts:


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My first chapbook!

Link to the PDF to download / read. Preface I recently found myself deep in the archives of FrédéricChopin, a Polish-born pianist and 19th century composer.One of the last true Romantics, Chopin poured out his soul insonatas that remain as moving today as they were a century ago.He also wrote hundreds of letters. These lettersContinue reading “My first chapbook!”

Every Poem A Prompt

I’m a firm believer in reading ravenously. Every poem is an opportunity to step within a new perspective, to enter in conversation with another poet. The wider one reads, the more voices bounce with verve across the landscape of your mind. It’s a healthy thing – to enrich your poetic environment. There’s a neuroscience conceptContinue reading “Every Poem A Prompt”

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